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After graduation into the automotive industry

The Iranian master student Mohammadreza Firoozeh and the subject information technology at the University of Wuppertal

From his original master's degree in Computer Simulation in Science, he quickly switched to information technology.
"I thought I'd like to study in German. And I like information technology better," he explains his new choice, because "this course of study also consists of the modules of electrical engineering and computer science. And electrical engineering, as I said, is my background."

Working student position at APTIV

His main interest is in computers and programming, focal points on which he can also work in his working student position, which he has taken on at APTIV in Wuppertal (APTIV is one of the world's leading suppliers to the automotive industry with locations around the world) since January 2018. "I really like this work. Besides my studies, I work 20 hours a week in an interesting and international team. I am involved in many interesting topics and projects", enthuses the young academic born in Isfahan, who is particularly fascinated by the automotive industry. "So digitization and also the application of digitalization in the automotive industry, more precisely, automated driving and autonomous driving as well as driver assistance systems, which APTIV deals with, are my main interests," he explains.

He advises young foreign students who, like him, have ever thought of giving up: "You can't lose hope, just keep at it. Then it will work."

It is often particularly difficult when young people from a completely different cultural background come to Germany. Firozeeh says: "When you come to a new country, you have to leave old friends behind and you have to start all over again."

The young Iranian has dared it and is well on the way to a successful future. "And yes," he says, "I would like to stay here in Germany."

A nice compliment to a foreign country.

Uwe Blass (Interview on 14.11.2018)

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