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Career Service
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Campus Grifflenberg
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal

Building: B.07.11
Tel.: 0202 / 439 - 30 44
Fax: 0202 / 439 - 32 05

Marius Borkenhagen

Building: B.07.13
Tel.: 0202 / 439 - 30 76
Fax: 0202 / 439 - 32 05

Insights into companies of the Region: The Excursion Weeks

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid, the University of Wuppertal offers students the opportunity to gain a very special insight into companies of the Bergisch region each year.

Students are taken by shuttle bus to interesting companies in the region and are given a look "behind the scenes". In this way, the students were given an exclusive first impression of the operational and process flows of the companies. Furthermore, this also allows the participants to establish first contacts into different industries and helps the students to build up their own career network.

Of course, the whole program is free of charge for all students.

A little tip:

If you are interested in a student job in the respective company, you are still looking for a topic for a thesis or you are looking for a direct entry job after graduation, you should prepare a CV. If there are any uncertainties regarding your CV, the university's Career Service will help you with all questions concerning your career.


During the Excursion Weeks in 2019, 180 students were given the opportunity to gain exclusive insights into six companies in the region. During presentations and guided tours of the companies, the participants were able to make contacts and find out about potential career opportunities.

Excursions in 2019


In summer 2018, around 120 students visited the five participating companies in the Bergisch region as part of the Excursion Weeks. Useful contacts to the business world were made, opportunities to enter the companies were presented and general career tips were given.

Excursions in 2018


Twelve companies from the region Bergisches Land took part in the Excursion Weeks in 2017. The participating students were able to gain an insight into the companies, make initial contacts in the business world and ask for career tips.

Excursions in 2017


In 2016 the Excursion Weeks took place for the second time.  Eleven companies took part, giving a total of over 150 students an exclusive insight into their companies.

Excursions in 2016


In the time from mid April to the end of May 2015, a total of 13 companies of the Bergisch region opened their doors to interested students to show them what professional opportunities and career chances are available in the region.

Excursions in 2015